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Keep Up With Flight Circle

We have instituted a new online scheduling program Flight Circle which will provide online visibility of the flight school schedule. You will also get email and/or text reminder of upcoming lessons. We hope that this will provide better communications with instructors/customers and staff.

Scheduling appointments and cancellations must still be done to the office over the telephone (908-722-2444) during business hours (8am-5pm) and we still require 24-hour notice of a non-weather cancellation.

If you are an active student or renter, you should have already received an email from to set up your account. If you have not, call the office, we may not have a correct email address for you. When setting up the account populate all of the fields germane your flying capabilities (emergency contact, medical certificate, FTN, etc.). The software is capable of billing invoices, we will NOT use that function, so no need to attached payment information.

We hope this improves our service.


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