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If you have been thinking about taking flight lessons, then talk to us. We have amazing experienced teachers and work with student pilot of all ages. Whether you are seeking your first solo flight, or even a commercial pilot's license, we offer a range of certifications.  

Alexander LeGrand


Alex comes to us with expierience at another local flight school. He has a great dimeanor, and outstanding knowledge. You will enjoy flying with Alex. We are happy to have Alex a part of our flight school.
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Karl Bearnarth


Karl works for a major airline and is a part-time flight instructor with Somerset Air Service. Karl is a CFI/CFII and provides private, commercial and instrument training. Karl worked in industry before devoting his life to aviation, became a full-time instructor at Somerset before joining the airlines. Karl is one of our most experienced instructors and we are happy he is back at SMQ and is available on a part-time basis.
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Lucian Iov


Lucian is the newest member of our instructor force and a product of the Somerset Airport flight school (from solo to CFI).  Lucian is an outstanding pilot and a great asset to the school.  A CFI avialable on a part time basis, he can provide check-outs, flight reviews, ground training, Commercial and Private Pilot training.
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Mario Gerges


Mario is back for the summer! Mario Gerges is returning to instruct at SMQ during the week noon to 6pm. Mario has been a student, line technician and now an instructor. Mario has the distinction of earning a 100% on his written test. Mario is a great resource and a lot of fun to fly with.
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Michael Kutch


A part-time instructor and full-time high school physics teacher, Mike’s teaching background helps him really connect with his students. He also teaches ground school during the week. Mike began flying in 2002 and became an instructor in 2019. He currently teaches private, commercial students and provides flight reviews. Mike expects to earn his CFII (instrument instructor’s rating) soon and is usually available one day on the weekend, the evenings and more often in the summer-
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Ross Morton


Very few CFIs take their CFI check ride in a 2018 Mooney Ovation Ultra, but that is what Ross Morton did this summer. Ross, native to the UK, brings a diverse background having taken much of his initial instruction in England, where aviation is very popular, like here in the US. Ross is an exceptional communicator and is a great addition to the staff as a part-time CFI.
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Steve Parker


Steve wears many hats at the airport, one of which includes flight instructor. Steve has more than 11,000 hours is a CFI/CFII/MEI/ATP with a single engine, multi-engine rating and glider’s license. Steve retired from the USAF where he flew C-141s and C-17s. Steve is full-time at SMQ, and, along with Chris Walker, manages the airport.
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Winson Ma


Winson Ma is a home-grown CFI, CFII with most of his primary instruction done with us at Somerset Air Service. He is a part-time instructor who works primarily on the weekends. Winson brings an excellent base of knowledge and an affable personality.
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Recent Student Achievements

Ground School

In addition, we offer ground based classes -ground school -covering everything from airplane instruments, weather patterns to flight planning and GPS systems. The 12 classes are offered on a rolling basis and you can sign up for one, or all 12 of them. Each 2 hour class is $75, and includes course materials, CFI Logbook and refreshments.

Classes take place from 7-9 pm on Thursday evenings.

Sign up below or call us about signing up for the next class.

Abstract Linear Background
  • Aerodynamics and Flight Maneuvers

  • Aircraft Engines and Systems

  • Airplane Instruments

  • Weight and Balance and Aircraft Performance

Abstract Linear Background
  • Aeromedical Factors and Aeronautical  Decision Making

  • Airports and Air Traffic Control

  • Airspace and Federal Aviation Regulations

  • Aviation Weather Theory & Local Weather Patterns

Abstract Linear Background
  • Weather reports, forecast, and briefings

  • Charts, Publications, Flight Publications, Pilotage /Dead Reckoning Navigation

  • VOR  GPS Navigation Systems

  • Cross Country Flight Planning  & Flight Operations

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