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Founded by George Walker, who made his reputation teaching aircraft technicians at Casey Jones School of Aeronautics at Teterboro during World War II, Somerset Air Service has a rich history as a knowledgeable and reliable maintenance facility. Our staff of 6 full time technicians include A&P and I/A qualifications and have a combined experience of more than 100 years. John Bartley and Chris Walker provide personalized service to keep your aircraft flying and provide a good value for your maintenance. We will store your plane during repairs in one of our 8 hangars and have it ready before you know it.

We are available weekdays 8am to 5pm. Email us or call our direct telephone line, 908-722-8251 to inquire about a service appointment, pricing, etc.


  • Aircraft Pre-Buy Inspection

  • Annual Inspections

  • 100 Hour Inspections

  • IFR Certification

  • Aircraft Major and Minor

  • Avionics Repair/Modification

  • Engine Replacement

  • Oxygen Servicing

  • TKS

Planes We Service

  • Piper

  • Cessna

  • Beechcraft

  • Mooney

  • Cirrus

  • Schweizer-Waco

  • Lake

  • Socata

  • Radial Engines

  • Fabric

& More

FAA Repair Station

Avionics Department

  • Inspections

  • Repairs

  • Upgrades

  • IFR/Transponder Certification

  • Garmin

  • Aspen

  • Bendix/King

  • and more

Our avionics department is managed by Avionics One, who work on-site at the airport.

Chris Walker can help keep your old avionics running, or bring your panel into the 21st century to get your airplane reaching its full potential. They specialize in Garmin, and uAvionix products.


 You can also follow their facebook page here for their latest updates.